Developer description

As an employer, scheduling part-time staff can be a pain. You have to keep track of employee availability and manage conflicting schedules. 7shifts is an online application to help make things easier for you and your employees.

Scheduling made easy: Simplify the task of creating and modifying weekly schedules. Move shifts around at the snap of a finger.
Access from anywhere with internet: Always on the go? Managing your staff can be done from anywhere with an internet connection.
Communication via message board: Allow constant communication between staff and employers on an internal message board.
Instantly delivered schedules via text message: Employees are sent text messages to their mobile phone as soon as a schedule is created.
Keep track of submitted availability: Keep availability organized and accessible to quickly create schedules.
Manage labor costs: When a schedule is created you will see a break-down of how much you’re spending.

7shifts was created by a team in Saskatoon, SK.

Last updated 9 Sep 2010