Developer description

CakeMail is an open-architecture, multilingual email marketing platform. CakeMail’s layered design is specifically meant for interactive marketing agencies, software companies, and web firms looking for an easy way to add email marketing to their offering, leverage their data sources, reinforce their own brand, and add to their bottom line.
Fast Facts

CakeMail is a multilingual white label email marketing platform.
Developed & wholly owned by The Code Kitchen.
Based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
CakeMail’s user interface has a publicly available, open architecture.
Courrielleur, The Code Kitchen’s French-language email marketing service (Where CakeMail was baked) was founded in 2002.
CakeMail’s open interface platform launched in 2007.
Courrielleur is set-up as a CakeMail reseller.

What makes CakeMail different?

CakeMail’s absolute commitment to delivery.
CakeMail is a true, dedicated white label. It’s only available through resellers; there is no CakeMail brand for end users.
The interface code is publicly available and is hosted separately from the rest of the application, giving resellers complete control over the branding, interface design and all URLs used.
The platform was designed to enable third parties to collaborate on new translations, and features for the user interface.

Last updated 7 Jul 2010

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