Developer description

Cambrian House began as a crowdsourcing community. We pioneered the technology to tap our crowd for the best software ideas. Now our proven crowdsourcing technology is available to others as the Chaordix crowdsourcing platform.
Chaordix crowdsourcing technology gives you the means to tap your crowd for clear business purpose.

Research & Development
Product Innovation
Brand Collaboration
Business Improvement

Invite your employees, partners, consumers or the public to contribute to your business.
Crowdsourcing harnesses the power of a community, using advanced social media technology and knowledge of crowd behaviour, to collect, evolve and rank ideas and contributions to reveal the strongest performers.
Crowdsourcing can shorten time to market for new products, uncover ways to cut costs or improve service levels, and heighten market success for new products or enhancements.
Companies, organizations and governments use crowdsourcing technology to most rapidly and economically understand market needs, opportunities and priorities.

Last updated 2 Dec 2011

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