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Innovative Website Strives for Safest Online Gaming and Chatting for Kids
With concerns about online safety for children at an all time high, a new virtual world that allows children to have fun and interact in one of the safest online environments to date is being heralded as a welcome addition to the Internet.
Club Penguin is a fun-filled, virtual world, populated by colorful, animated penguins.
Visitors to Club Penguin choose a penguin, give it an identity and explore, interacting with other penguins by chatting, text messaging, playing games and sending greeting cards. Players can also use icons to express their emotions and have their penguin perform actions such as waving, dancing or throwing a snowball.
Club Penguin is designed for six to 14-year-olds, but is open to children of all ages. Club Penguin is managed by Disney Online Studios Canada Inc.

Last updated 24 Nov 2011

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