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MyTripJournal is a free personal travel website, where you can journal or blog your trips.
Read other travellers’ experiences, and share your own.
Remember how you felt on your first trip?

The first time you…
…saw the Eiffel Tower
…hiked the Grand Canyon
…climbed the Great Wall

Share your experiences as you travel.
Re-live your memories for years to come.
Do both and much more with your Personal Travel Website!
Create your own Travel Website with just a few clicks

Plot your journey on IntelliMaps of your choice
Post your stories, photos and videos
Invite your loved ones with the push of a button
Manage your guestbook and message inbox
Preserve your memories for generations to come
Unlimited Trip Journals linked to your own travel homepage
Loads of optional Premium features

Last updated 1 Jul 2009

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