Developer description

Nexopia emerged as the brainchild of Timo Ewalds, an 18-year-old programming wizard and rebellious digital renegade who took some powerful code out of a cold Alberta basement and turned it into Canada’s largest youth-oriented social networking website. Designed initially as a way to fight back against his high school for banning floppy discs Ewalds quickly took advantage of his program’s potential to connect his friends online. Today, with over 1.2 million registered members and over a billion pages served per month, Nexopia continues to revolutionize the way young people connect online. Even while growing like wildfire Nexopia has managed to retain its rebellious roots and ultimately become the place to be for teens looking to express themselves to the world.
Nexopia is the social network that stands with its users both online and off. Whether we’re arguing ideas in our forums, handing out bandanas in a Warped Tour mosh pit, or partnering with the world’s leading media companies to put on high profile cultural events, Nexopia is the social network that’s become a lifestyle.

Last updated 2 Dec 2011