Developer description

SlickPie is free now at | SlickPie is free online accounting software designed for small businesses, offering delightful and easy-to-use interface, online invoicing and billing, late payment reminders, bank reconciliation, financial reporting, tax management, document management, and more.

SlickPie offers automatic payment reminders, auto-recurring invoices and automated data entry tool called MagicBot.
SlickPie enables users to create customized online invoices with their own logo, which can be sent automatically to clients. Repeating invoices can be set up for clients paying consistent amounts, with user-defined recurrence intervals, and SlickPie automatically sends these at the defined intervals. Invoices are tracked and users updated when clients open, review, and pay. Payment options can be displayed in the invoice, with customers able to click through and pay using credit cards or through PayPal and Stripe integrations. Customer returns can also be processed, with existing invoices credited or credit notes applied to customer accounts.

SlickPie allows users to manage offline payments, with the ability to mark invoices as paid if payment has been received by check or bank transfer. Users can set up late payment terms to automatically add late fees on to invoices, with the option to only charge fees to specific clients. Late payers are automatically emailed reminders by SlickPie, letting users track late payments without needing to chase clients.

SlickPie’s financial and management reports include quick links to source transactions, and can be created and configured on an ad hoc basis. Accounts can also be closed off at the end of reporting periods, including tax periods and the end of the financial year.

Last updated 28 Apr 2017