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TravelPod lets you share your trips using your own online travel blog ( also known as a travel diary, travel journal or travelogue ). You can post travel blogs from previous trips or use TravelPod for your ongoing trips. By updating your travel blogs while you travel, you can share your adventures with everyone back home.
Because your travel blog is on the web, your friends, family and other visitors interested in your travel blog can view it ( If you would rather keep your travels private, you can also choose to password protect your travel blog ). You can even have TravelPod notify friends and family through email when you write a new entry. It’s an easy, exciting and interactive way to document and share your travel adventures!
TravelPod has been around for a long time, since 1997 to be exact, in fact TravelPod was the first web site to offer travel blog hosting on the Web! The site has evolved over the years based on your feedback to make it the most feature rich and easy to use travel blog site there is. Best of all, TravelPod has always been free, and still is today! TravelPod was built by travelers for travelers, and wasn’t conceived to make money but rather to provide a free service to fellow wanderers.
Create yourself a free account today and find out, like thousands of other TravelPod members, just how easy and fun travel blogging can be. Of course, if you’d rather read a few travel blogs before signing up, you can always look at some of our top travel blogs for inspiration.

Last updated 7 Jul 2010

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