Developer description

Use to build a smart address book that keeps your contact information up to date. The site also assigns you a UNYK ID, so it’s easier to share your contact info.
Here’s a list of the advantages and options that go hand in hand with UNYK:
A smart address book

An online address book that automatically updates itself
Import contacts from all your current address books (Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Outlook Express)
Sort your contacts into groups (business, friends, family, other)
Profiles complete with photo, contact information, work history, education, professional and personal interests.
An alert system to warn you about upcoming birthdays
Ask your contacts for specific information
See who visited your profile
Use UNYK Syncro to update your Outlook contacts’ info
Direct access to your address book from your browser thanks to the UNYK Toolbar

Your digital identity

One place to create your digital identity and keep the information useful to your contacts up to date (photo, contact info, work history, training, professional and personal interests)
Have a public profile with a dedicated URL, i.e. name, to increase your visibility on the Web
Assignment of a UNYK ID (e.g. 123 POP) to easily share your contact and all other info
One ID for life! You can even personalize your UNYK
Control each of your contact’s level of access to your info

Last updated 7 Jul 2010

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