Developer description

Viigo is revolutionizing the way people access information on their smartphones. Every day, Viigo addicts around the world rely on Viigo as their gateway to a vast array of useful, up-to-the-minute content and services, wherever they are and whenever they need it. In one simple, fully customizable application, Viigo delivers news, weather, flight schedules and status, real-time sports scores, stock quotes and market data, entertainment, hotel and restaurant reviews, blogs, and much more.
Viigo is a free software application for your Smartphone giving you access to News, Sports, Weather, Facebook, The Web.
Viigo 3.0 (beta) now boasts a brand new, intuitive, mobile-friendly interface, delivering a wide range of customizable content and services from some of the world’s leading content providers and publishers. You’ll enjoy breaking news, rich weather, real-time sports scores, stocks and finance, audio and podcasts, entertainment, and blogs in one simple, freely downloadable application. Just click and go…with Viigo!

Enhanced and compelling mobile experience—consume information your way in a format that’s tailored for your device
Unrivaled collection of exciting content all in one place—no need to clutter your device with multiple applications that offer different user experiences
Fully-customizable interface—choose what, how, and when information is delivered, whether you’ve got connectivity or not

Last updated 7 Jul 2010

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